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Welcome to Afrikan History & Culture. We have all been interested in Afrikan history for over 40 years, and we feel an obligation to help pass on our history to the succeeding generations.


A man or woman is empty without knowing their past, where they came from or what their ancestors developed and achieved. Acquiring such knowledge sets a foundation that gives self-pride.

We at Afrikan History & Culture are striving to inform and bring awareness to all people of Afrikan heritage about our history, as well as those of a different heritage who are interested in Afrikan history.


Our coverage is not only about the Afrikan mainland, but also the entire diaspora which includes North America, The Caribbean, South America, Asia, Europe and Australasia. In fact, anywhere where Afrikan people are.


We aim to provide facts and data pertaining to our history, as well as links and video clips. We have several guest writers and contributors covering all aspects of our rich cultural heritage.


Throughout this site we spell Afrika with the letter K, that is because we use the original spelling from ancient Egypt "Afru-Ika" which means Motherland.

Afrikan History & Culture

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